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They have a key position with the employees and are the short wire for the colleagues and workers council.  Contact partner for their concerns and emergencies in the company, and most important, the link between IG BCE members in the enterprise and the trade union.

They are called confidence woman and man of confidence, because they enjoy the confidence of the union members in the enterprise, and  justify this confidence daily – they are contacts and advisors for problems on the job. Confidants are selected by union members. They work on requests of all persons employed and are trained and supported by their trade union. Confidants are eyes and ears of the trade unions and for their colleagues in the enterprises.  Sometimes an ungrateful job.

A person of confidence has many tasks:

They protect and support the weaker employees in the enterprise. They are the contact person between employee and workers council, and occasionally when necessary an agitator with the megaphone before the factory gate.

Their tasks are;

  • To inform employees about unionized and Company resolutions
  • Describe goals and tasks of the respective trade union.
  • Prepare forms of industrial action in the enterprise and  carry them through if needed.